What Should You Rent In Your Wedding

For most people, a wedding is one of the most special occasions in their life. We all want that celebration to be as perfect as possible. There will be a lot to take care of, starting from what to buy or what to rent for the event preparation. 

To help couples prepare for this one-of-a-kind event, here are some suggestions on the must-have items to rent for decoration. 

Wedding Outfits

While we support renting clothing for pre-wedding events and bachelorette parties, we believe that purchasing your wedding gown is a requirement. Purchasing your gown or suit guarantees that it will be fitted to your figure and look flawless as you walk down the aisle. If you’re concerned about never wearing it again, try purchasing a formal gown in a non-white color. You may then wear it to another formal function in the future.

Wedding outfits

In most cases, we only wear wedding outfits once in our life (like wedding dresses). So it is wiser and more beneficial to rent those costumes if you have to spend money on other stuff. The rental cost will normally be much cheaper than a complete purchase, helping you to save a fortune on the clothes, and be able to spend them on other purposes. Renting wedding outfits will also be an effort-saving action since you do not need to take care of the clothes too much since the store will do that part for you. 

Wedding Jewelry and Accessories

Wedding Jewelry

One of the most indispensable items of the bride is jewelry. Some people may think of borrowing accessories for their wedding days, but most of us will prefer to completely own the necklace to wear. However, the cost for those items is relatively expensive compared to the financial status of some couples. The ring or earring made with diamond can cost up to $1 million and more. Renting seems to be the best option here since it can satisfy the bride’s requirements, and cost-saving at the same time. There are a variety of jewelry rental brands presented in the market for now, and each of them represents different styles, classes, price ranges, etc. Choose the one that can match your demand, as well as your financial status. 

Welcome Bags

Welcome Bags

Welcome bags have taken the role of favors. Treat your guests to wedding-related pleasures, especially if you’re holding a weekend-long event or a destination wedding. Include your favorite goodies, as well as basics like water, a hangover kit, and the schedule for the festivities. When your visitors arrive and see a nicely wrapped present waiting for them, they will feel really special. You may also include a nice take-home present as a memento of your wedding in the welcome bag. Choose something that seems true to you, such as a camping mug for a rustic setting or a beach towel for an oceanside celebration.

Ceremony Rugs

Ceremony Rugs

A collection of elegant, hand-knotted, and loomed carpets to line the aisle instead of a runner is a common design feature. Some couples even set one on the altar where their vows are exchanged. We adore this style for rustic or bohemian-inspired events, and what could be more emotional than putting the rugs in your new home after the wedding? Because you’ll only need a few during the wedding, it’ll be simple to move these throws to your home. Then, when you swagger down your hallway, you may remember your stroll down the aisle.