Weigh The Pros & Cons Before Renting A Moving Container

Moving out is an incredibly stressful process, especially when you don’t know how to do it effectively. No worries as a moving container can help you on this, but first, check out these pros and cons of renting a moving container before booking a service.

Renting A Moving Container
Renting A Moving Container

Pros of Moving Container

No Moving In Rush

Undoubtedly, moving with moving containers is convenient for all of us, especially those who have a hectic schedule. Admit it – packing and unpacking your stuff is not fun at all, and it can be a disaster doing it in a time crunch. 

Yet, with a container, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. When you rent a moving container, the shipping company will drop it off following your time schedule: just call them whenever you have time for packing. And after you are ready, they’ll pick it up and deliver it for you. 

That will help you save tons of time and energy, which is a significant benefit for busy families or working individuals.

Compact Size Options 

Moving containers may come in variable sizes. Though it depends on the renting company, you will be able to find the exact size that fits your backyard, parking spaces, and driveways. You won’t have to face the situation when you have to use trolleys to bring your belongings from your house to the moving truck again, as moving containers let you load your stuff right behind your house. 

Easy Loading & Unloading

Easy Loading & Unloading
Pros of Moving Container

With moving trucks, you will have to load and unload with ramps (as box trucks are often about 1 meter above the ground). You will have to lift your belongings to that high, and this can pose a risk of injury or falling when you load heavy boxes.  Meanwhile, moving containers are placed at ground level, which surely makes carrying heavy furniture less burdensome. 

No More Driving Large Vehicles

Driving a large vehicle can be a nightmare for some of us – it requires more skills, and of course bravery to do it. If you also feel that, then renting a moving container is the ideal option when you move out, as all you’ve got to do is to drive your own car to your new house and get your belongings there.

A New Way For Storage

Moving container rental services usually offer very flexible terms: you can rent one for a day, a couple of days, or even for a month. This provides a place for you to store your stuff until you are ready to move. If your move-in date is later than your move-out date, this feature can be really helpful.

Cons of Moving Container

City’s Restrictions

Although moving containers placed right in front of your home will ease your loading process, it’s not welcomed in many neighborhoods. Some homeowners associations and city regulations may not allow you to set up a container in the area, especially in a large and crowded city.

Cons of Moving Container
Cons of Moving Container

Thus, you’d better check with your homeowner beforehand about whether a moving container is allowed in your surroundings, and how long one can stay in the driveway. If needed, obtain a street occupancy permit before your moving container rental comes.

Limited Access to Your Belongings

As you will load all your possessions into your moving container and lock it until you reach your new house, it won’t be easy to get anything in the container. If you move out immediately, that’s acceptable. But if there’s any delay, you’ll face security problems, besides the limited access to your belongings. 

A useful piece of advice: decide what you can and can’t live without for a few days before packing, and keep the essentials accessible. 


Moving with containers is now very common among movers as its convenience and flexibility make it easy to move without hassle. Hope that these advantages and disadvantages of renting a moving container can help you have a clear understanding of this method before you choose it.