Should You Buy or Rent Textbooks?

Both renting and buying textbooks come with their own advantages. To decide whether you should buy or rent them, you should do your research carefully. In this article, we will provide key benefits of each option, and hopefully, you can choose the fitting option afterward.

Rent Textbooks
Rent Textbooks

The Benefits of Renting Textbooks

More Affordable

New textbooks tend to be expensive, and some students couldn’t afford to buy them. It’s no wonder that book rental is a much cheaper alternative to buying books. What’s more, books for rent are available everywhere, from campus, bookstores to e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay. By renting books, you will be able to save thousands of dollars, which really matters if you need to pay your student loan during your college years. 

Access The Latest Editions

As you know, renting textbooks has many upsides, and getting access to the latest editions is definitely one of them. If a new edition of the textbook you just bought came out, you would probably feel annoyed. New editions often provide updated content, more useful information, which means you’re going to feel like you wasted your money buying the textbook. However, if you only rent it, you can get access to its latest edition at all times.

More Convenient

More Convenient
More Convenient

With the textbook rental, you won’t have to worry about transferring back and forth between your campus and your house during summer vacation. Some textbooks are really heavy, it would lift a weight off your shoulder if you decide to rent them rather purchasing them. Also, You would have to deal with storing and keeping your textbooks in good condition if you purchase them, which is annoying and not everybody has the luxury for that, especially if you’re living in a small dorm. By renting the textbooks, you can return them at the end of the term, which is really convenient for students who need more space to study rather than a storage room filled with books.

The Benefits of Buying Textbooks

Earn Higher Grades

According to a 2017 study by Inside Higher Ed, half of the students who buy textbooks earn higher grades than those who avoided or delayed buying books. The reason being, when you buy your own textbook, you can freely highlight necessary information on it, which will greatly enhance your study process as well as your test results. 

Useful Resource Beyond Graduation

Useful Resource
Useful Resource

Buying your own textbooks doesn’t just serve your years of studying at school, you can take them out again in the future and review the knowledge you need for that particular moment. Let’s say, you’re just starting a new business and need information on the field, that’s when you can use the old rusty textbook that you bought years ago and put it into use.

Potential for Resale

If you purchase textbooks that you don’t need anymore, you’ll be able to exchange them with your friends or classmates, with the campus bookstore, or through an e-commerce site. Also, you will be able to recover a noteworthy sum of your original purchase, depending on the quality of the textbook that you bought.


As you can see, whether you decide to rent or buy textbooks, they both have their own benefits. Choose wisely and remember to take care of them either way, as books provide precious knowledge and useful information.