Moving Hacks: Simple But Useful Tips For An Easy Move

Though moving isn’t easy for anyone, some moving hacks actually help you pack and unpack your belongings quicker and smoother. Check out the following useful packing tips before you get the ball rolling to save your time and effort. 

Simple But Useful Tips For An Easy Move
Simple But Useful Tips For An Easy Move

Get rid of unessential stuff

I know that it can be heartbreaking to throw away some of the belongings that are standing by you through thick and thin, but you have to face it – you cannot bring everything with you to your new home. 

And the hardest part of this is to decide whether to keep an item or not. Ask yourself whether it still serves a purpose in your life and whether you will go out and spend money on it once again. If the answer is no, then you really don’t need it. And then just toss, recycle, or donate those things.

Pack least necessary items first

Your packing day should start with the items you rarely use. You may want to go from the attic and garage before moving on to other rooms. Art and decorative items are the least used ones in the house, so you can pack up all of these items weeks before your moving day. Some items that are also not an indispensable part of your daily life may include books and movies.

… but load them into the truck last

As you’ve just packed your least-used items to the boxes first, these boxes will be the last to go into the moving truck – and that’s exactly how you should do it. Why? The last boxes coming into the truck will be unloaded and placed in your new house first. This spares room for more essential boxes to be stacked in front and on top of them, and your more essential items will be easily accessible.

Pack heavy items with small boxes

Lifting a large cardboard box stuffed full of heavy items such as textbooks is a real struggle, not to mention loading and unloading it into a tall moving truck. Thus, the most practical advice comes to using small boxes for heavier items and filling large boxes with light things like decorative pillows and towels.

Label boxes

You will have so many similar boxes around you after you’ve done packing. And if you don’t label every box, it can be troublesome to find the exact package you want among a sea of similar boxes.

Label boxes
Label boxes

You can label your boxes by category (books, cosmetics, clothing) and by room (bedroom, living room, bathroom), using markers and color-coded electrical tape. Also, remember to label all boxes both on the top and on the side of the box. This allows the mover to easily know what’s inside the box and speeds up your unloading process.

Prepare an overnight bag 

If you don’t want your first move-in night a disaster, then you’d better pack an overnight bag in advance. This bag may include toiletries, a change of clothes, and some other essentials like cell phone chargers, and medication. It should have everything you need during the moving day or even two days after. 

If needed, consider packing bedding in an easily accessible place so you can have a more comfortable sleep for a few first nights in your new place.

Be packed up before the moving truck arrives

Be packed up before the moving truck arrives
Be packed up before the moving truck arrives

Last-minute packing can slow down your moving process. And it’s really annoying if you have to let your friends or your movers wait for you to finish packing. Thus, you should be ready to go before your moving truck rental comes. Make a deadline when you need to pack everything up which should be a few minutes before the truck arrives in your driveway.

Otherwise, if you have a very hectic schedule and packing up in a time crunch seems impossible, you can opt for renting a moving container that gives you as much time as you want for packing and loading. Read on our post: Weigh The Pros & Cons Before Renting A Moving Container to see whether it fits your needs.


Above are some packing and moving hacks for you to use to improve your move. You are sure to pack all your possessions and move to your new house quicker, easier, and more effective with our tips.