Jewelry Rentals For Your Memorial Celebration

Weddings have long been one of the most memorable experiences, a once-in-the-life chance for people to show their love and engagement with the fiancee. Most people will want to be as gorgeous as possible on this day, to show the importance of this particular event to their lives. 

You’ve purchased the perfect white dress, but there’s still a lot to do before the big day. Unless your grandmother has a chest full of old gems for your “something borrowed,” it might be difficult to locate the appropriate accessories to accent the many styles in your wedding attire without spending a fortune.

This is when wedding jewelry rental services come in handy. Brides just select the service that most matches their style and budget, then wear a piece of jewelry once (or several times) before trading it in or purchasing it (often at a discount). However, selecting which business is best for your pre-wedding trip can be difficult. We’ve chosen the top wedding jewelry rental businesses to add a classic, fashionable items to your wedding attire.

Best in Overall Services


Most women like Switch because of its large range of items, quick delivery time, and flexible price. The business provides its clients with a range of perks such as a wide mix of fine, fashion, statement, and vintage jewelry, as well as limitless exchanges with some possibilities to buy at a discounted rate.


Memberships range from around $40 per month for one item at a time to about $70 per month for two goods at a time to about $90 per month for three products at a time, although customers can save about 20% by paying for the year in advance (an option that might be worth it if you plan on using the service for your entire engagement year). Each month, you also earn credits (around $5, $7, or $10 depending on your membership level), which you may use to save for the purchase of a style you want.

Best for Diamonds Accessories


Flont is in a league of its own, with a wide assortment of eye-catching jewelry that may pique the interest of any unmarried bride.

Flont is your matchmaker if diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This service focuses on high-wattage exquisite jewelry that will make your wedding attire stand out.


Flont’s collection is chosen by an in-house curator and includes items from Bulgari and Cartier, as well as fashion-forward designs by Sabine Getty and Noor Fares, as well as one-of-a-kind estate and vintage pieces.

Brides can rent for three days (tiered pricing based on the retail value of the item) or become a member and rent one or more fine jewelry items for a whole month. There’s also the opportunity to pay a premium of about $300 for a three-day rental of exquisite jewelry from the Privé collection—ideal for brides who want serious bling without the commitment of a membership.

Most Appropriate on Budget


Rocksbox provides the type of fashionable jewelry that makes fashionista brides go crazy, from hefty gold chains to hoops aplenty. Brides may browse thousands of designs from famous designer labels like Kendra Scott and add favorites to a customized Wish List for about $21 each month. Three of those products are selected for you each month (depending on availability) and delivered to your home.


You may keep goods as a member for as long as you like, but if you’ve worn anything for an event and want to trade it in for a different style, simply box up all three items and return them using the reusable envelope and prepaid label. While returning the full set to obtain the following batch of things might be inconvenient, there is no limit to the number of shipments each month, so you can keep switching to keep your wedding outfit new.
Overall, Rocksbox fills your jewelry box with fashionable layering pieces at a reasonable price, with hundreds of covetable things.