Different Types of Kiosk Rentals For Your Business

Good kiosk sales strategies are among the keys to improving profitability and engaging with customers. And picking the right kiosks for your business is the very first step to do that. Before renting a kiosk for your business, check out this post to explore the different types of them.

Different Types of Kiosk Rentals
Different Types of Kiosk Rentals

Manned Kiosk 

Manned kiosks or non-interactive kiosks are physical booths that require a customer service person to handle the transactions. These non-interactive kiosks can be found in various locations, including city streets, shopping malls, subways, and airports.

Manned Kiosk
Manned Kiosk

Typically, manned kiosks are used for retail businesses which provide such products as electronics and mobile phone accessories, cosmetics and perfume, or food and drink takeaways. Some non-interactive kiosks may sell products but offer information for visitors. They often provide maps and directions, special discount offers or even job news.

Unmanned Kiosk 

An unmanned kiosk or interactive kiosk is a hardware device with specialized integrated software and an intuitive interface that is used to provide access to information or enable transactions. Some interactive kiosks are even programmed with software that incorporates artificial intelligence. This allows them to provide customers with exceptional service and experience that can compare with that of a manned kiosk.

Unmanned Kiosk
Unmanned Kiosk

Interactive kiosks are becoming significant for businesses to compete and reach out to more customers. Here are some of the most used types of kiosk rentals that are interactive:

  • Information Kiosks: are installed in areas with high traffic to provide useful details about the area.
  • Product Promotion Kiosks: are used in retail to provide information about special discounts, promotional messages, and new releases. 
  • Self-Service Kiosks: are commonly used without staff assistance. Their functions include paying bills, filling out application forms, and doing other simple tasks.
  • Vending Kiosks: sell a product directly to customers or issue tickets.

Application of Kiosks Across Industries

Companies in most industries can gain advantages from making use of kiosks as this helps enhance the overall customer experience. Here are some typical examples of industries using kiosks:


Interactive kiosks are popularly used in medical centers as they optimize the interaction between patients and medical staff in a cost-effective way. Patients can easily find the necessary information, book an appointment or request a refill with a kiosk. This eventually reduces the workload of administrators and doctors.

Public Transport

Airports, bus, and railway stations install many kiosks to promote automation of ticket sales and check-in procedures. Passengers can book a ticket, choose their seat, and pay for it without any assistance.


Kiosks are now of great importance to the financial and banking industry. People can carry out the transaction, get printouts on their own, and even ask for special assistance from the ATM.



Self-serving kiosks are big helpers for hotels in welcoming visitors, especially those who are from other cities and countries. These kiosks can help offer:

  • Quick and hassle-free check-in and check-out
  • Information about the hotel and the city’s beauty spot and food
  • Online booking for services like car rental and tour

Fast-Food Restaurants

Renting a kiosk really speeds up the restaurants’ process and improves the customers’ experience by getting rid of long lines and waiting times. Digital menu boards and self-ordering kiosks are now indispensable in crowded restaurants that offer fast food. 


Mall rental kiosks can serve as a channel for sales, communication, and sharing information between sellers and buyers. They reduce staff’s workload by informing special offers, displaying the map of the shopping center, and collecting customer feedback.


Kiosks are in great demand from industry to industry as they provide customers with self-service capabilities. It’s your chance to optimize your customer experience while staying efficient and reducing the management costs for your business.
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