Advantages And Drawbacks Of Renting Audiobooks

Audiobooks are becoming increasingly familiar to book lovers in general, and especially to the traditional readers who prefer printed books over other alternatives. The benefits that audiobook rental service brings have gradually been recognized, and they will be even more prominent in the future. But, to be honest, every choice has its own positives and negatives, so if you are intending to rent audiobooks long-term, here are all the pros and cons that you should consider.

Pros and cons of audiobook rental service
Pros and cons of audiobook rental service

The Advantages

It’s Convenient

Although holding a book in your hand and touching its pages is indeed a satisfying feeling, it’s not always possible for us to actually pull out a book to read.

For instance, when you are driving or using public transportation during rush hour, listening to an audiobook would be a more reasonable choice.

Audiobook rental service will help you to enjoy your favorite book at any time. By installing the audiobook app, all the audiobooks you rent there will be automatically delivered to your smartphone, laptop, or PC. You can turn on the app and listen to rented books whenever you want with no internet connection needed.

It’s A Cost-Effective Choice

Audiobooks are well-known for being very affordable whether purchased or rented. By renting audiobooks, you will have access to a diverse library of interesting books at a way lower cost compared to buying or renting printed books (40-50% cheaper in general).

Not only that but most audiobook rental providers also offer different plans or packages with free books or preferential bonuses that can save you a ton of money in the long run.

No Rental Time Limit

It means that when you rent an audiobook, most service providers allow you to keep it until you finish it, with no time limit. You can read a passage, re-read it if necessary, completely rush-free. All the time in the world is yours.

Some audiobook apps will have this as a basic feature, whereas some others will require specific conditions to enable it; in short, with the audiobook rental, you don’t have to deal with rushing to finish the book on time.

Outstanding advantages of audiobook rental service
Outstanding advantages of audiobook rental service

The Drawbacks

Not All Books Are Available To Rent

Unlimited rental time is really a double-edged sword. It can be beneficial if you are the one keeping the audiobooks, but otherwise, you may not get the chance to enjoy them.

A downside of this service is that audiobooks are not always available for rent, partly because users often keep the audiobooks for too long or demand is too high. This problem can easily kill the listeners’ interest not only in the app but also in audiobooks in general.

Limited New Book Options

Despite having a wide range of books in different fields and topics, the limited access to new or best-selling books is really a huge limitation of the audiobook rental service. Most service providers do not offer new books or bestsellers for rent to listeners. Listeners need to purchase them, and this is definitely not their initial intention when using this service.

Bottom Line

The advantages of renting books, especially audiobooks, are undoubtedly significant, and you can really benefit a lot from this service both economically and experimentally. However, being aware of all the good and bad of the audiobook rental service will provide you a more thorough look at it, helping you make a more informed choice.