Amazing activities you should try on a summer trip

The summer is about to come and you certainly have plans for your summer trips to the beach or the jungles. With the development of the tourism industry, now you can try amazing experiences with many different activities. Let’s hop into these cool things to do this summer.

Bungee jump

This is considered the adventure activity that brings the most adventurous feeling, when making a strong jump from the cliff. This activity is strongly recommended for those who have the desire to conquer the height. When jumping from above, it seems that the whole world is rolling upside down. You can also feel your heart rate and breathing increase faster at that time.

Bungee jumping

The most important equipment needed to help you perform this amazing activity is a strong rope which is about 7cm in diameter. It is plaited from many small rubber threads which are durable and have great elasticity. The rope will be firmly tied to the player’s feet. After taking a deep breath and getting ready, the player will free-fall until the rope pulls back at a safe distance.

You can also try this feeling at home when hiring a bungee trampoline. Although the experience is not as great as the bungee jump,  it can still help you relax after working hard.

Surf and windsurf

There are different types of surfing activities you can try when going to the beach. First of all, if you have no experience with water sport activities, you can try surfing with the assistance of a motorboat or a ski jet. When starting to surf, you will not be able to control your balance and can easily fall from your surfboard. This is the time when you need the jet ski to drag you with a strong rope tied in its back.


With the high speed generated by this jet ski, you can easily adjust the surfboard to balance your movements. Once you’re used to surfing and have the necessary skills, you can try windsurfing and practice some basic acrobatic skills. But pay attention to wearing life jackets and swim goggles to better protect yourself.


Flyboard is a personal flying device using water propulsion, invented in 2012 by a Frenchman, Franky Zapata.


It uses a powerful jet engine that sucks water through a long tube at the bottom and pushes it out with great pressure. This thrust can lift the user to a height of 9-10 meters above the water. Not simply flying above the water surface, sometimes the device can also help you lean, or even dive into the sea like a dolphin. It is because of that strange and interesting feeling that Flyboard is especially attractive to many customers, although the price for hiring a pair of flyboard can be significantly high.