6 Pro Tips To Host A Great Karaoke Party

Renting a karaoke machine is the first step in throwing an out-of-the-ordinary celebration. You may still stand about with a drink in your hand, making small chat – but at some point in the evening, turn on the karaoke machine, and even the most adamant anti-singing-in-front-of-people apologists will gravitate toward the music and the microphone.

Host A Great Karaoke Party
Host A Great Karaoke Party

How do you ensure a good karaoke party? Here are the “best practices” we’ve discovered for organizing an excellent karaoke party based on the many karaoke machines that customers have rented from us and that we have set up for them!

Set A Theme And Communicate It

A theme, at the very least, gets people thinking about the music they’d want to hear.

Consider the 1960s (it is the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love btw). Consider Hair Bands from the 1990s or just Rock n’ Roll.

Themes provide attention to a party, especially if you encourage guests to dress up. Then add a few easy decorations based on that theme, or throw in some similar time period trivial pursuit questions, and you’re ready to go.

Start With A Loaded Song Cue

Spend some time creating a music list and creating a song cue. You may set up a play cue of songs on Avista’s karaoke machines, and if your visitors wish to play anything particular, they can do so at any moment, then return to the cue. That way, you’ll always have music playing and won’t run into any silences. We recommend that the cue include at least 15 tracks.

If you’re not working from a theme, it’s simple to fill your cue with tried-and-true karaoke favorites. You can try to work on a list of some favorite tracks. Remember, a karaoke party isn’t complete until someone performs “Don’t Stop Believin'”.

Give Out Prizes!

Give Out Prizes
Give Out Prizes

Prizes provide a new dimension of enjoyment and visitor interaction. Create reward categories (worst singing, best singing, best duet, best costume), and then choose the winners by secret ballot.

Let The Boozle Flow

Like peanut butter and jelly, alcohol and karaoke go together. As a result, you may not have many takers early in the evening, but by the end of the evening, it’s the main attraction. Just make sure everyone has a DD and arrives safely home.

Add Some Lightings

Lighting, in addition to simple décor, will go a long way toward making your celebration official. Set up some uplights around the room, some dance floor lights, or go all out with a spotlight on the performer.

Don’t Forget The MC!

Don’t Forget The MC
Don’t Forget The MC

Our finest piece of advice is saved for last: make sure you get someone to play the MC! This position is crucial, especially if you have guests who want to stay glued to the couch. The MC may encourage people to sing, introduce persons and songs as they come up, enter songs into the cue (if your group is bigger, having pre-printed song request papers is an excellent way to keep things organized for the cue), and overall keep the enthusiasm level up and the songs flowing.

If you’re thinking about having a karaoke party, give us a visit. We’re one of the (if not the) best places where you can find some easy-to-use, professional-grade, and affordable karaoke machine rentals online in the US and all around the world.