5 Reasons To Consider Renting These Fine Jewelry Instead Of Buying

Renting Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is gorgeous and timeless, but this isn’t always true. They only remain their beauty and shine bright if they are maintained correctly. Years of false advertising have been fed to clients and customers around the world. Diamond isn’t forever, and neither is the designer ring that it’s mounted to. Investing in jewelry is the most wasteful thing ever, renting jewelry is the hottest trend right now, and here are 5 good reasons to do so.

1. It is a much more wallet-friendly solution

Some jewelry rental runs as cheap as $1 a day, whereas buying a basic gold ring has to cost more than $20 already. This means with the same amount of money to get 1 basic gold ring; you can wear different luxurious jewelry for 20 days straight. Plus, when you have an expensive ring, to maintain its value, you need to constantly refine and cleanse them, keeping this precious jewelry from grimes and tarnish.

Yet the fees to keep them in this state don’t come cheap, each cleaning session will cost you about $25 to $50 for the jeweler’s time and use of their equipment. Additionally, not all jewelers have a keen understanding of fine jewelry, and one wrong move could knock the diamond off its mount.

2. A variety of selection

If you’re interested in fine jewelry, you’re a person of fashion, and what states your fashion status more than wearing chic bracelets and necklaces. Renting jewelry means you can choose from a wide collection that the service owns, from modern style diamond necklace, contemporary fashion statement, vintage Tiffany or Chanel, colorful and rare gems on earrings, minimalist or Boho, everything is possible. Usually, a Dior’s titanium bracelet would cost at least $100, but you can use the same amount to get $5000 worth of an item, so which one is more of a bargain?

A variety of selection

3. No commitment

One day, you’d like to spice up your wardrobe, the next day, you’d like to be minimal. Returning the jewelry isn’t difficult, and the rental service wouldn’t mind taking the piece off your hand, no strings attached. Plus, it’s guilt-free, no more the feeling of spending several thousands of dollars than having buyers’ remorse.

The best part is, even though you’re not overspending, you’re still getting noticed by many. Fine jewelry is like art, but not as subtle, one certain look and it could capture the eye, fashion expert or not. A well-chosen pearl bracelet can convey a certain message the same way a statement necklace can captivate any audience.

4. Less environmental impact and inhumane

Did you know the process of mining enough gold for 1 ring can create 20 tons of mine waste? What’s more, during this process there’s the leakage of harmful chemicals into the local’s water supply, the erosion on the land, the carbon footprint of the machinery, and even the alteration of an entire ecosystem! So, the fact that you’re choosing a non-environmental impact way to dress up, is a much-appreciated method.

Less environmental impact and inhumane

5. The efficacy

Why would you have to spend hours going from store to store, looking for the perfect product, when they’re all accessible with just a click? These pre-owned jewelry are of great value and could be available in your size. With accessories being pre-made in size, it’s not hard to find one suitable to your liking. Plus, the rental service will be delivering these items to your door, you won’t have to worry whether the valuable jewelry is still safe in the bag. Of course, the pickup service is also included in the package. The rented products will be collected when the time expires, so you’ll just have to think about how to dress up with them.


Using “used” jewelry had a stigma in the past, for you might not be the sole owner of the precious products, however, these days, vintage and antique jewelry is what’s highly valued and prized. When you stop and consider the pros and cons, you’ll see why jewelry rental is much better than investing in an overpriced item.